Our events are some of the happiest moments of our guests’ lives, when they share their joy with their loved ones. A true highlight of our work is our bespoke corporate events, especially designed for each occasion, creating beautiful, unforgettable experiences for everyone. For all of us at GTouch the goal isn’t just to organize an event but to offer an experience of joy.

There is not a single event we deliver that is similar to another. They are all different, just like you are! It all begins with your desires and needs, which we examine carefully, to present a comprehensive proposal, especially created for you, ranging from a magical dinner at home, a dreamy wedding, your anniversary, your child’s christening, any big or small celebration, to pan-European or world summit meeting receptions. Our task is to impeccably materialize what you have envisioned, offering our services both in and outside Athens.

“Food is nurturing, health, delight, joy, discovery and adventure, meeting and
co-existing. It is an element of culture that expresses the traditions and values of a person, or of a place.”

What is special about our services is the fact that the whole menu preparation takes place during the event! This means there are no two-days-in-advance, pre-cooked shortcuts which would compromise our quality. It’s all prepared in front of you, in an on-site, specially arranged kitchen for you to enjoy delicious, fresh food!